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Arise is a catalyst for outlier founders

Arise Logo.png

Largest Capital Backed Accelerator

Capital, Connections, Community and Continuous Learning

Arise is the largest capital-backed early-stage accelerator program with funding, hands-on master classes, expert-led deep dives, investor round tables, networking, client connects, and community.

Over the course of the program, the platform will draw out the entire innovation ecosystem, including founders, investors, experts, mentors, corporates, and academia. 

​A one-of-a-kind accelerator program, that is uniquely possible by StrongHer Ventures, given the access, reach, and track record in the ecosystem by unlocking and amplifying access to Capital, Connections, Coaching, and Community!


8 Pods (weeks) of Master Classes, Founder Journeys, and Networking Events
designed to accelerate your business.




What makes Trailblazers?
Immerse yourself in the mindsets of those who dare to build legendary companies. Uncover your own motivations and the scale of your ambition.

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