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StrongHer Ventures is creating the largest platform for women-led/focused entrepreneurship in the country. Arise is the largest capital-backed pre-seed accelerator program with hands-on master classes, expert led deep-dives, investor round tables, networking, client connects, and community. Over the course of the program, the platform will draw out the entire women led/focused innovation ecosystem, including founders, investors, experts, mentors, corporates and academia. StrongHer is inviting engagement and partnership from the ecosystem to engage and contribute to the program in the form of mentorship, investment, corporate engagement or network access.

The program leverages StrongHer Ventures’ extensive investment expertise, funds, global innovation network and Arise accelerator platform, as well as the WeWork Labs global network and platform, to deliver ongoing value to the women led/focused ecosystem across 3 levels:

  • Business Support via portfolio-focused initiatives and funded accelerator programs

  • Community Development engagements to increase the pipeline of women led/focused businesses

  • Societal Impact via D&I talent sourcing, thought leadership & policy advocacy

A one-of-a-kind programme, that is uniquely possible by StrongHer Ventures and WeWork Labs, given the access, reach and track record of both brands in the ecosystem. Engage with us below to be a part of our community and apply now!



Strategic funding for 7% - 10% equity

Global Program with Multiple Cohorts

Invest for 

7% to 10%

Support winners in follow on funding

Sector focused approach



Engaging sector for women, bringing them back into workforce


Future of Work/Life



Web 3.0



Intensive 12 week coaching, mentoring and networking

Pitch Deck

Fund Raising




Partnerships and Networking

Strategy & Product

Talent and

D&I Hiring

Marketing Branding and Social Media

Digital & Innovation Solution

Leadership & Culture


Term Sheet

Legal and
IP Creation

Founding Team and ESOPs

User XP




Strong community of founders, investors, advisors, specialists, and ecosystem enablers






Leadership Connections

Peer to Peer Connections

Mentors & Advisors



Innovation Network:

Strong community of customers, funding, SI/digital partner, advisors, startups and community



SI/Digital Partner

Advisory Boards/ Mentors

Startup Portfolio



Shared Services:

Commonly shared services ecosystem enablers for talent, marketing, PR, legal, tax, accounts and technology



and PR

Legal, Accounts and Tax


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"The Arise program by StrongHer Ventures and WeWork Labs is leading the way to triple the number of women entrepreneurs who get funded and increase women in leadership positions by 50%."

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw,

Executive Chairperson, Biocon & Biocon Biologics



Ankita Vashistha
Managing Partner
StrongHer Ventures

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Anthony Rajesh
Head of Accelerator

StrongHer Ventures

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Arvind Radhakrishnan
Head of WeWork Labs
WeWork Labs

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Mohini Kumar
Community & Platform

WeWork Labs

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Naimeesha Murthy_edited_edited.jpg

Naimeesha Murthy
Product & GTM Lead
StrongHer Ventures

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Head of Community & Partnerships
StrongHer Ventures

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Aniket Jagtap
Partnerships & Ecosystem Engagement

WeWork Labs

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Sharada Menon
Corporate Innovation & Enterprise Growth

WeWork Labs

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Program Partners

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Ecosystem Partners

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1. Who is eligible to apply for the Accelerator program?

All women led/focused technology enabled pre-seed and seed startups across health, fintech, future of work/life, consumer and web 3.0.

2. When is the deadline to apply?

Applications for the Arise program will open now and can be applied here

Please watch the ARISE introductory video that may help you fill out this application.

3. When will I hear back from you on my application?

We aim to get you a response within 30 days of submitting your application. Due to volume, we may not be able to provide as much feedback as we would like to, but we will do our best.

4. What are the terms of the funding?

Investments will be in exchange for 7% to 10% equity in your startup, post money. 

5. How many startups will you be accepting?

We will have 10 to 15 startups in Arise Accelerator at any given time, to enable a truly hands-on and tailored experience for the startups in the program.

6. How is this different from other accelerator programs?

Every startup is different. We believe the unique challenges that women founders face are best served with hands-on, directed support from a team of advisors, mentors and investors who know very well how to support, accelerate and make women entrepreneurs successful. Our programme is the largest engaged platform for women leaders, investors, founders, professional and corporates. We are truly changing the narrative.

7. What type of companies do you fund?

We invest broadly in technology businesses and invest across health, fintech, future of work/life, consumer and web 3.0.

8. What stage of company will be accepted into the program?

No company or team is too early. We have invested in teams with little more than a slide deck, and also in companies that are meaningfully further along with a real product and early revenue. However, we believe no idea is too early. We are looking to back founders we believe in.

9. Do you have to be a company (incorporated) before you apply?


10. If The StrongHer Arise Fund has passed on my startup pitch before, can I still apply?

Yes. This program is designed for startups that have not already received investment and support from The StrongHer Arise Fund.

11. I still have questions about the program. How can I get in touch?

Get in touch with us via email: arise@strongher.vc

Applications for the
Summer 2022 Arise program
are now open. Please apply

Please watch the ARISE introductory video.

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