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Capital, Connections, Community and Continuous Learning for Women in Fintech, Future of Work, Healthcare, Consumer, Metaverse & Climate Tech.

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Founded the first global early-stage venture fund to apply a gender lens to investing, we are taking our legacy forward and building the largest fund and platform for women entrepreneurs and investors. We have the operational experience to scale early stage companies and we bring our strong network and investment expertise to catalyze that. The female economy is here, and StrongHer Ventures is leading the way.


StrongHer Ventures

StrongHer Ventures is an early stage fund investing in the next generation of marketing leading women led/focused companies. Launched by Ankita Vashistha, following the success of Saha Fund - the first women entrepreneurship venture capital fund, investing in women led/focused technology companies, StrongHer Ventures is the second fund.

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The leadership team and advisors at StrongHer bring years of experience in entrepreneurship, corporate leadership, technology venture investments and diversity initiatives. Our strategic investor and partner, Tholons, provides us access to one of the largest global innovation networks.


How Our
Fund Works

Our partners receive pitches and review over 5,000 companies a year from across the globe. While we end up investing in fewer than 0.5% of them, we strive to make the investing process engaging and educational for all entrepreneurs.

Our thesis is focused on Fintech, Future of Work, Healthcare, Consumer and Web 3.0. Our initial investment is up to USD $2M for the venture fund. The fund invests primarily in companies located in the USA, India and UK. The Arise Pre Seed Accelerator will invest in 100+ companies over the course of 5 years.



Women control more than 60% of all personal wealth in the U.S. Yet globally, women have fewer savings and invest less than men.  A report by Fidelity found that women who did invest outperformed men by 40 basis points. More women in the workforce means greater spending power. Tools and platforms are key to manage and amplify women's financial wellness


Women make 90% of healthcare decisions for their families. Yet, their health garners little attention. Less than 2.5% of publicly funded research in the developed markets is solely to reproductive health despite the data suggesting that almost a third of women suffer from reproductive or gynaecological health problems. AI and technology can change this.

Future of Work

Technological advances and social factors have normalized remote and flexible work. This is a game changer for working women globally who have struggled to balance work and family. With the emergence of platforms that enable women to be part of the workforce, including childcare and eldercare, companies can now tap into a powerful talent pool. 


Technology and women's rising economic power are reshaping the consumer market. Women consumers want products and services that provide value to her. Women will control 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028. Women's progress and participation at the workplace will lead big changes in marketing and customer engagement.


Metaverse enables women to become creators, builders or leaders in the decentralized world. It is the next internet revolution. Every platform, organization and digital economy is moving towards decentralisation - bringing community and the people at the centres of digital economic decisions, business creation and finally making wealth generation inclusive. Women will lead the creator economy.

Climate Tech

Climate tech is defined as technologies that are explicitly focused on reducing GHG emissions or addressing the impacts of global warming. Climate tech continues to be a hot ticket, with raising investment figures. The climate tech market is a rapidly maturing asset class, offering investors significant financial returns 5 and the opportunity for outsized environmental and social impact. 


This is important today because the female economy is here

We focus on technology startups who recognize that women represent a massive, untapped consumer base. We invest in startups that are women-led, especially those led by women from underrepresented ethnicities. These startups create better solutions for women’s health, financial independence and job creation.

Women make up half of the population and control or influence 85% of consumer spending in the US. Despite making up 68% of total online spending, the woman consumer feels vastly underserved. And despite making up over 50% of the U.S. workforce, they hold only 25% of computer science roles and less than 22% of leadership positions in the finance sector.

We fund Founders who are on a mission to challenge the status quo

We believe there are massive market opportunities in fintech, future of work, healthcare and consumer

We like to invest early and lead seed rounds. When we invest, we make a commitment to our founders to build deeper relationships and support them on their journey to scale their startups. We are obsessed with taking risks on founders who realize the potential of women as leaders and end consumers.

Women entrepreneurs and investors are important

Women are starting their own businesses at twice the rate of men. Yet there is a severe funding gap. Only 3% of global venture dollar volume goes to all female teams and 10% to mixed gender teams. These statistics are even more bleak for women of color.

When women VC partners do make investment decisions, they are twice as likely to invest in female founding teams, however there are only 2-3% female founding partners at VC firms. Companies with women founders, hire more 2-3x more women.

According to Kaufmann Foundation, private technology companies led by women are more capital-efficient, achieving 35% higher ROI, and, when venture-backed, 12% higher revenue than men run startups.

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