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StrongHer Ventures celebrates women who have carved their way into the financial industry and made their mark in the world of venture capital and private equity. Through their vision, tenacity, and leadership, these women have not only achieved remarkable success in their own right but have also paved the way for future generations of female investors and entrepreneurial leaders to lead.


This serves as a celebration of the remarkable achievements of women VC trailblazers and an inspiration to future generations of female entrepreneurs and investors. By highlighting their stories, we hope to inspire more women to pursue careers in venture capital and promote gender equality in business. It is our belief that by supporting women in leadership roles and breaking down barriers to entry, we can create a more inclusive and successful venture capital industry for everyone.

Founder & Managing Partner,
StrongHer Ventures

Founder & Managing Director,
Kalaari Capital

Founding Partner,
Female Founders Fund 

Indian Angel Network (IAN)

Co-Founder & Managing Partner,
StarVest Partners

Founder & General Partner, BOND

Founder & CEO,
Multiples Alternative Asset Management

Founder, Avaana Capital

Co-Founder & Managing Partner,
Pear VC

Founder & CEO, Portfolia 

Founder & Managing Partner,
Forerunner Ventures 

CEO, Co-Founder & Managing Partner,
Ulu Ventures

Founder & Managing Partner,
SteelSky Ventures 

Founder & General Partner,
Halogen Ventures

Founder, Serena Ventures 

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