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Team at work


Trail Blazing: Own your story

Founder Series with Rebekah Bastian, CEO and Founder, OwnTrail

Advancing and Advocating Women's Economic Rights and Gender Inclusive Solutions

Diversity Series with Mara Bolis, Director, Oxfam America

Equality Can't Wait

Why equality matters and what StrongHer is doing to create and realize the impact!


10 May 2022

StrongHer Insights

StrongHer Ventures has launched the largest capital backed pre-seed accelerator program for women led and focused companies- Arise Accelerator, in partnership with WeWork Labs...

10 May 2022

Women in Web 3.0

Proof of Work was invented way back in 1993 by Cynthia Dwork. It’s all based on research done by Cynthia, a female computer science professor from Harvard in the early ’90s. But the origins do not reflect the current state of Crypto and Web 3.0.


1 Feb 2021

Global Similarities, Local Nuances

At StrongHer Ventures, we believe that while a majority of women’s issues are common globally, they are shaped by local nuances...

22 Nov 2020

Fintech For and By Women

Women represent the world’s largest and fastest-growing market, yet they remain largely overlooked and underserved in the financial industry....


6 Aug 2020

The Future of Work = Innovative Childcare

Remote working is acceptable and here to stay. And that is great news for women who have struggled for years to balance...

23 Jun 2020

Future of Work — A More Balanced Future for Female Employees

The current pandemic has normalized remote and flexible working — previously bêtes noires of the workplace...


7 Jun 2020

Investing in Femtech Makes Great Business Sense

A wave of tech enabled digital solutions dedicated to women’s health and classified as femtech, are entering the market...

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