Women Colleagues

Congratulations! You're on your way to becoming an investor in StrongHer Ventures Arise II LP fund.

StrongHer is an early-stage, technology-focused venture capital fund investing in women entrepreneurs and founders from underrepresented ethnicities. We invest in the innovative companies we want to see the world. Your investment will go into the pre-seed and seed rounds of 20-25 top companies, with initial check sizes of USD $250K - $2M. Our incredible portfolio companies are selected by our experienced lead partners, and you can be as involved in learning about the venture investing process as you like.

Investment Terms

1) The fund will invest in 20-25 companies over 5 years
2) The Arise Accelerator will invest in over 100 companies over 5 years
3) Budgeted management fees for the term of the investment
4) You must be an accredited investor in order to participate


Investment Process:

  1. Fill in your name, email, phone below and click on "Invest Now" button. You will be landing to investment page where you are given access to review detailed legal documents - Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Limited Partner Agreement and Subscription Agreement.

  2. Fill in the required detail in subscription agreement, e-sign the document and click on "Finish" button.

  3. The subscription agreement will then be counter signed within 24 hours and the copy will be sent to your email ID.

Let's start your investment journey...